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Something about August

"Fashion is in the sky, in the streets. Fashion has to do with an idea, the way we live life. What is happening." ~Anonymous

Hello kings and queens and welcome to yet another chit chat about fashion and style. This weeks disscussion is all about the month of August and what you should wear!

Lets just jump right into it, August is a month where we are technically coming out of summer and are now going into the fall. Weather wise that just means we are going from hot to chilly. So what does one wear in such a confusing time with the weather? Simple, you wear breathable clothing. So for me that just means I am pulling out all of my cotton based dresses and oversized shirts! 


Oversized shirts for me personally may be the 7th wonder of the world, they just fit my body so perfectly. Even though this shirt is to be worn in a larger size it, it can sometimes be really short. To fix that problem I simply throw on a mini skirt under my shirt and BAM now this collab looks like a dress; the same concept can be applied with shorts. Now ladies and gents, I am obsessed with heels and I like to wear them with everything, so with this look I wore my shirt with tasseled heels to keep my look feminine. If that is not your thing no problem, you can always wear some rhinestone slides and sandals or as the weather progresses boots.

I also love to wear cotton based dresses like this one here that is from an online fashion boutique called Fanyaamourstyles. This is a outique that sells, trendy yet affordable clothing, and I have to atest to this dress! This dress is so comfortable, it does not have any zippers or buttons so you literary just slide it on and adjust the straps. This dress is the perfect color to wear anywear and the embroidered ivory floral just makes this dress that much better! 

In the month of August once again the weather will be a bit confusing at times, so just make sure that whatever you wear makes you feel comfortable. However, when the weather starts to get a little chiller throw on a large scarf or wrap to go around your arms or that vintage denim jacket you have sitting in your closet!

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Something about Kelz Footwear

Something about Kelz Footwear