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Something about Kelz Footwear

Something about Kelz Footwear

Shoes are like ice cream, there is always room for more. ~Anonymous 


Hello kings and queens and welcome to yet another chit chat about fashion and style, todays topic is all about the Kelz Footwear line!

Kelz footwear is a sandal line that was started in South Carolina by a man named Obadiah. Formally owned as OB, he truly envisioned for Kelz to provide footwear that represents strength, quality, authenticity, and style. With those three attributes he also wanted. a shoe that people could feel comfortable and fashion forward in while wearing them.

This sandal only comes in the color of cocoa brown which means it practically goes with everything you will wear, except black. The Kelz footwear line is really beyond its years, the comfort of this shoe is to die for the decor of the shoe is so unique!

Like I said this flip flop comes in a solid cocoa brown color, the inside of the shoe has this beautiful tribal print and the shoe is finished off with a braided thong strap. Now just because this shoe is a flip flop does not mean that you can only wear it with jeans or swimsuits! This flip flop is the ultimate signature piece to any outfit! 

Therefore, do not be afraid to wear it with your maxi dresses, your trench coats on chilly days or even your mini skirts! In addition to looking extremely fly, you will be adding a shade of cocoa brown as well as a touch of comfort. 

These sandals are a pretty hot commodity in my area and I am sure they will soon take over the rest of the world! To order your pair make sure you go over to the https://kelzfootwear.com and order your first pair!



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