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Something about the Bo Stegall Salon

Something about the Bo Stegall Salon

"Invest in your hair, the crown you never take off." ~Anonymous 

Hello kings and queens and welcome to yet another chit chat about fashion and style! This post today is completely dedicated to the Bo Stegall Salon.

Ok guys there has been a lot going on in my little ole life that I just have to share with you all! In addition to getting more clients to personally style and additional clients to promote and blog for, I am finally ready to reveal the location of my website launch party, that will take place in September! Can you take a guess where I will have it?

It will at the Bo Stegall Salon of course! Bo is a dear friend of mine whose salon did the hair and make up for my charity fashion event "The Faces of Royalty Charity Fashion Event" last year. Bo from day one has always supported my vision on whatever it was I had going on and continues to support me now! 

Bo is the owner of the Bo Stegall Salon, and his salon consists of master cutters, master colorist and even stylist that do natural hair!

I had a photo shoot to attend in regards to my website and the Stegall salon hooked me up! They even used Bo's personal hair collection called the Bo Stegall collection on my hair! 

The young ladies name that did my hair was Lillie; she is also the salon natural hair guru, and first chair colorist. During my experience, Lillie educated me on things that I never knew about natural hair. 

To start off she used the Bo Stegall collection cell renewal shampoo and conditioner, she said this was to completely strip any and all products and oils from my hair so she could start off with fresh clean hair. She told me that is an imperative step natural babies need to take. When we co wash or rarely shampoo our hair we are doing more damage then good, because we technically are not cleaning our hair. We simply put are just product building! 

She then went forward to blow dry my hair in small sections and took her time with brushing. She told me because I had such fine hair that when I do my own hair I need to be patient and take my time so I am not pulling out unnecessary hair.



Once she finished blowing drying, flat ironing and curling my hair she then used the Bo Stegall finishing freeze spray. Guys check this out this hair spray has 3 settings that allow you to choose how much or how little product you want to come out of the bottle! I have never used nor seen a hair spray that gives you full control over the amount of product you want!

I am extremely excited to hold my website launch party at this salon, not only are they supportive of millennial entrepreneurs like myself, but they are also some of the most positive and energic people I know in the Greenville area! If you are a trendsetter, boutique owner, fashionista, designer or even a hair stylist and want to attend my party, shoot me an email! I would love to invite you all! Due to limited space, my event is invitation only! I look forward to seeing you all there until next week stay fabulous, confident and blessed!



Email: bsadem864@gmail.com


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