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Something about Blondes

Something about Blondes

"Life is too short to have boring hair." ~Anonymous  



Hello kings and queens and welcome to yet another discussion about style and fashion! This week we are switching it up this post is all about    H A I R! More specifically B L O N D E  H A I R! Cheers to the summer and the need to switch that look up! So many of you have asked me  Brie, our a natural baby, so how did you go from curly q to blonde Barbie? Well ladies and gents, sir back and relax and prepare to sip this tea I have for you!  



I decided to go with a new stylist and owner LaChandra at the Chris Logan Salon! (Well new to me, mature and well known in my city.) I heard she was fabulous with color and frontals! I knew if I was going to go blonde and use a frontal to protect my precious hair it had to be done right! So I took my bundles to her and this is when the magic began. 

It only took her a day to color my hair so she scheduled my appointment the next day! She only had a few clients in the salon when I showed up so when she finished with them she literary closed the salon down just for me! I felt so special, I knew my experience was going to be great! 


She then put in another stylists hands her name was Angel, she was so sweet. She shampooed me with a product called Phyto Specific Paris, which is a product she said was great for both relaxed and natural hair, because it was gentle on the hair and the scalp, resulting in healthy and soft hair! From there she conditioned me with the same brand, which was my favorite part, because with being natural all I do is co wash! I rarely ever shampoo my hair because it's so harsh on my hair and I actually like a little oil build up in my hair. It may sound gross, but it's actually a need in Afro American hair! When she finished this is what my hair looked like! 



From here guys she just went ahead and blew my hair out, which no time at all because my hair is pretty fine, and then came the braiding process! I was so nervous because I thought she was going to braid my hair super tight and with me have worn my hair in its natural state for months I knew I wasn't going to be able to handle that kind of tension! To my surprise she braided my hair yes tight, but not the the point whereas, I had a headache the next day and my edges were pulling!  


From here she placed my frontal at the top of my head! Which is a Jayda Amour frontal and then began sewing my hair in, in the back. This whole process took no more then 5 hours and with the wine and champagne they provided the time flew by even faster!


I absolutely love being a blonde and maybe for a while! Thank you Angel and Chan for your attention and your amazing service! I will be back! So guys what do you think? Something you can see yourself doing for the summer?  



P.S. a huge thanks to the Village Grind Coffe Cafe in the West End; for giving me coffee and letting me blog in your super cute coffee shop! I will be back! Such a cute well kept secret!


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