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Something about Fashionnova

Something about Fashionnova

"Life is a party, so dress like it." ~Audrey Hepburn


Hello kings and queens and welcome to yet another chit chat about fashion and style. This weeks discussion is all about Fashionnova.


For many of you that are not familiar with the brand here is a little background. Fashionnova is a California based clothing store that was started by Richard Saghian. Richard simply started taking pictures of the pieces in his store and started posting them on his instagram page. Years later the brand has become extremely  popular, worn by a multitude of celebrities and his IG page has over 4M followers. Women just can't seem to get enough of his body con styled clothing!  


I persoanlly love Fashionnova because of the diversity they provide. If you want something super sexy Fashionnova has you covered. If you wanted something super comfy Fashionnova has you covered. Even if you are looking for the perfect pair of jeans Fashionnova has you covered! 

This is not a sponsored post guys, this is a "I love you Fashionnova, thank you so much for commenting on my IG pic post!!"


Both looks from this post are from Fashionnova, but I want to go in depth about this fabulous black set. This set is everything, do you hear me? This set is made from 100% cotton and hugs my body in all the right areas. This set can easily be dressed up or dressed down, but this day I was in a full fledge Coachella mood. If you have any photos of you in your Fashionnova looks send them to me via email! I would love to post your looks!   




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