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Something about Versace

Something about Versace

"Keep your heels, head and standard high." ~Coco Chanel 



Hello kings and queens and welcome to yet another chit chat about style and fashion. This week has been an amazing week for me! In addition to hitting 2k followers (which may not seem like a lot to you, but it is to me) I have also teams up to collab with a few more brands. So make sure to stay tuned for those products! I have also officially started my YouTube channel, which is all about hair, fashion and beauty, so make sure to check that out I'll but the link at the end of this post. So my week like many of you all's have been busy and full of new adventures!

This weeks post is all about my beautiful white Versace  Palazzo Pointed Leather Pump. Once I saw these shoes I knew I had to have them! It is not too often that a women buys a white shoe, but it was something about that black medusa head on this white shoe that immediately drew me to it. Since we are in full fledge summer time this shoe is going to be my ultimate signature piece. You could easily dress this shoe up or dress it down.

Lets talk about the unpacking! I ordered these shoes offline so they were delivered to me, so they came to me in a box. When I opened the box I was introduced to a beautiful black box that had  the word Versace on the front, once you take the lid off the box you will see a card, a price tag, and a small bag with extra heels plugs when your currents one wear as well as a dust bag for travel.

Once you remove all of that you will finally find your new true loves sitting at the bottom of the box. Both shoes will be packaged in clear bags individually like so.

The bottom of the shoe is made of leather, a lot of people actually get this covered with some sort of material from preventing any stuffs, but I really didn't care too because at the end of the day they are just shoes. The bottom also has a silver medusa head I assume to represent authenticity as well as the European size of the shoe. (Excuse the spots on the bottom of my shoes I tried them on and something on the carpet seeped into the leather bottom!) 

These shoes are extremely comfortable because the heel is not that high. The trend of lower heels as well as block heels are trending are a trending topic so I was ok with the height. It just makes them easier to dance in!

This shoe is so elegant and I can not wait to wear them again and come up with different looks to compliment this shoe! I hope this post was helpful and make sure to keep up with me on instagram as to how I style these heels with my looks! If you have a similar shoe or experience be sure to share them with me! I will post your pictures!




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