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Something about ballet flats

Something about ballet flats

"Strength doesn't come from what you do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't. "

~Rykki Rogers  




Hello kings and queens and welcome to yet another chit chat about fashion. Today's discussion is all about the Miu Miu ballet flat, and Glamour Magazines dyi how to make your own! 

The ballet flat has taken a strong comeback in the fashion industry. Which was a trend that Audrey Hepburn started, but she could make appearing to be a lady of the night chic, so just imagine the ballet flat trend during her time. Fabulous for her, not to many others. The problem with this trend is that many don't know how to 1. Wear them 2. Style them and 3. The originals are expensive.  

So have no fear I am here to not only help you make your own $500 pair of flats for $50, but I am also here to help you style them! Let's get into it.  

T H E C R E A T I O N: 

Here are the ingredients you will need to make your Miu Miu inspired flats 

A pair of ballet flats  

black satin ribbon  

black and white plaid ribbon  

super glue of choice  





What you are going to do is take your ballet flat and you are going to cut that pink or black elastic band from your shoe. Make sure to get a clean cut because you don't want any imperfection displayed on your shoe!  

STEP 2: 

Try your shoe on and determine the length and where you want to place your ribbon that will wrap around your foot first and your ankle second. Once that is determined take your first shoe and your plaid ribbon for the first side and cut the  end in an angle. Take that piece and super glue it to the area where your arch would be! 

Still working with the same shoe, repeat that process for the other side of the shoe!  

STEP 3:  

Now working with the other shoe, repeat step 2 except now just do it with the black satin ribbon. 

STEP 4: 

Let the glue dry and then try your beauties on, now when wrapping your ribbons you want to make your look appear effortless, so just wrap the ribbon around your ankle twice and knot it!  



When it it comes to styling these beauties you can practically wear them with anything, but to keep it simply wear them with an over the knee dress or a pair of distressed jeans! I hope this was helpful!

Continue to slay!



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