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Something Timeless

Something Timeless

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out." ~Anna Wintour


Hello kings and queens and welcome to yet another chit chat about style. Today's discussion is all about that timeless trench look. It is proper etiquette to wear a trench coat or rain gear when it appears to be a little cloudy or when you expect rain. The weather here in good ole South Carolina is has been very unpredictable. It will rain one day, blazing hot another day, freezing cold the next day and cloudy by the end of the week. So having a trench in your back seat is not such a bad idea. This day my look was obviously inspired by the weather. This day the sun was out, but it was very very chilly, so I considered this a trench day. To dress my trench up I wore a pair of khaki silk dress pants and a pair of printed cheetah heels just to add a little flare to my consistent khaki look. I was warm and was dressed to do just about anything. Not to mention the gold detailed buttons on my jacket just made my look shine! 

A huge thanks to Semaj photography for asking to shoot me while you were in the town, he was a doll!

IG: Semajeyes


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Silk dress pants- Ralph Lauren

trench coat- Steve Madden  

Cheetah heels- Christian Louboutin  


Something for Vatician City

Something for Vatician City