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Something for a Breezy Day

Something for a Breezy Day

"Never underestimate the POWER of a great outfit on a bad day." ~Anonymous 

Hello kings and queens and welcome to yet another post about elite style. Today's discussion is all about what to wear when its chilly outside. Something to always consider is what season we are in, which momentarily is winter and what temperature the day will bring. Well on this day the wind was blowing pretty hard and the skies were gray. So I went for a country girl meets the city look, but paring a nude wrap with a nude sweater. Not only to keep me warm, but to hide some of my curves during the day to keep it professional at the office and later take it off for a dinner or so. Since both my dress and wrap were solid colors I thought it needed a pop of texture so I decided to wear these black rhinestone boots and voila` something for a chilly day!

As always comment your yay or nay below!



Wrap- Forever21

Dress- Forever21

Boots- Shoenami

Something for The Ballers on a Budget

Something for The Ballers on a Budget