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Bet awards top 5 hit or misses

This past Weekend was one not to miss with the BET Awards that aired on Sunday. It was an evening full of love, entertainment, truth and fashion! Now I do have to be honest I did not think that this years show would be any good, and I did not think the fashion would come as hard as the BET awards 2009. It seems even the celebrities clothing looks is starting to look cheap and boutique-ish. Nonetheless, I went through every single celebrities looks to determine who would be on my top 5 hit or miss look count dow! If you are a fashion guru like me, I am sure you will agree!

As always comment below to give me your yay or nay! 

HIT----Coming is first is the one and only Janelle Monae wearing Sass in Bide. Her look consist of beautiful wide leg pants and a matching black and white blazer... This diva has yet to disappoint! Come thru Janelle!

HIT---Coming in second are Chloe and Halle Bailey who are wearing Zaldy and Gucci. You may remember these beauties from youtube, where they started they singing career and were finally signed by Queen Bee. This girls are not so little anymore! Slay ladies slay!

HIT---Coming in third is the sweet, but sexy Christina Millan, I do feel many are sleeping on Ms. Millan, but truly she is always giving life! To the BET awards she wore a custom embellished jumpsuit, that is flawless! The media has a bad reputation of dismissing Christina for every move she makes! I truly do not know why, her waist is snatched, her boobs are high and tight and her smile is to die! Keep ripping the run way Ms. Millan! 

MISS--- Coming in fourth for a very well deserved MISS is the sassy Taraji P Henson who is wearing a black strapless leotard and a sheer skirt. Truly, this look just could have been so much better. It is not Taraji's ammo to look like this, so I am very disappointed in her stylist. Nonetheless, on a positive not Taraji won the award for best actress, which was well deserved for her starring role as Cookie on Empire that airs on Fox. I guess next time Henson.. 

MISS--- Last, but certainly not least, coming in last for the ultimate MISS is THE ONE, THE ONLY......... Tinashe! She walked the red carpet wearing Phillip Plei; this dress is just reading mess, mess, mess, mess! Guys I can not even describe what she is wearing, trust me I tried. It is just giving me cheap and not chic. Sheer is absolutely trend right now, but for Tina it just was not pulled off successfully. I would have suggested she wore a simple black bandage dress, before putting her in this! Next time girl!

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