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Something about Pom Poms

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n today's latest fashion I have slightly noticed how popular the old school pom pom has become! So here is tea, I had an old pair of all black Aldo solo strap, strap up heels that went with everything. Actually you can see them in their original form in my "Something for the club" post. Anyhow they were cute, they were simple, but I have had them for a while and I wanted to revamp them. In conclusion, I decided why not pom pom them out? I saw in a recent magazine one of Rihanna's looks and she just so happened to have on the shoes I was about to create. I went to Walmart bought the supplies and created a masterpiece! Every time I wear these shoes I get a multitude of compliments! The pair that Rihanna wore are from Aquazzara's latest line. Even though mine aren't designer they still turn heads! Send me pics of old shoes you have revamped, and I will post them on my blog!

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