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Something for a fashion show

"To me clothing is a form of self expression- there are hints about who you are in what you wear" ~ Marc Jacob 

This is one of the many quotes that I hold very dear to my heart, because once you realize you have a natural gift for fashion everything you wear will truly be a reflection of who you are. Wearing the color red is such a powerful, timeless and bold color you really can never go wrong with wearing red. (It has kind of been my holiday party color, shhhhh!!) With that being said hello all and welcome back to my fashion blog, where everything is all trend and the clothing I personally like to wear. Forgive me for posting so late, but the beauty of life and how it takes you away at times. Anyhow, this absolutely gorgeous red jumpsuit that I wore to an annual charity fashion event I put on each year, for a non profit in my city called Beyond Differences was everything and bought at the very last minute!

 I truly was very concerned with what I was going to wear, because I knew I wanted it to be elegant, chic and flowly, however I had spend so much time planning and coordinating the event I kept forgetting to look for anything to wear! However, I finally began to look and look and look  for days and I seriously could not find anything! Then one day I was on instagram and I saw Ericka Mena star from the "Love and Hip Hop New York" series and she had on this beautiful red caped jumpsuit! Immediately I went to her page praying that she posted where she had gotten it and she did! In conclusion, this beautiful jumpsuit is from interwinecollection.com as well as my o so popular gold ornament holiday bag. I purchased the jumpsuit in a small because it had some stretch material in it, I believe this company is american based. The jumpsuit was $215.00 and the bag was $50. My rhinestone choker is from eBay and only cost $10. This piece is such a signature piece and least to say was a huge hit at the fashion show! If anyone is interested in what shoes I wore just comment below and I will get that info to you!

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