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Some For An Ugly Xmas Party

Some For An Ugly Xmas Party

"Forget the rules, if you like it wear it!" ~Racheal Zoe 

Why hello my kings and queen and welcome to yet another chit chat about fashion! "Tis the season to alway be.... FABULOUS!" With the holiday season here and in full effect I am sure there are plenty of parties that you have been invited to! Now everyone knows that holiday parties are full of sequins, tulle and everything that shines, but what about those ugly christmas sweater parties? Does anyone really know how to dress for an ugly sweater party when they don't plan on wearing a ugly sweater? Well ladies and gents my suggestion would be to come as fly as possible! That is exactly what I did and my look was a success, so lets just jump right into my look. I own a multitude of heels, but I happen to only wear three to four pair consistently and I got kind of bored of how they looked. So I thought to myself how could I change the look of my heels without physically touching them? BOOM; the idea of buying fish net short socks came to suddenly! I have seen the look trend with lots of high fashion designers such as Gucci, Miu Miu, and Dolce and Gabana to name a few. It is a easy way to wear heels with open toes or that look a bit plain, giving them the edge they need, not to mention the comfort the sock provides!

 I already had a fringe black skirt in my closet that had so much personality that I had to wear it to the ugly sweater party. If I wasn't going to wear a ugly sweater it was only right I wore fabulous skirt! As far as my top pieces I wanted to keep them pretty simply  and toned down because the bottom of my look was so busy! Therefore I just went with a sloppy v neck black shirt and a white caped blazer!

Now to pricing and where to purchase my pieces because I know that everyone is dying to get the scoop! The white cape blazer is from forever 21 and was $40, the black sloppy v neck shirt and the black fringe skirt are both from amazon and together were like $40, my shoes are from a website called urbanog.com and were on sale for $50 and my fishnet short socks are from forever 21 and were $4.

As always comment below and give me your yay or nay!



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