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Something for the misfits

"Fashion is a ART and you are the canvas" ~. Velvet Papers

Well hello and welcome back to my fashion blog! I hope all have been well since our last acquaintance! This post is for all the misfits, rebels and the born to be wilds! This post is all about distressed tees! So distressed tees really became famous back in the late 70s and 80s as it was trend for rock and rollers of the time! Now as we all know fashion is a huge recycle bin that just repeats itself. Therefore, it would only make sense that those rockers vintage tees would have to be used in some way, shape or form in today's fashion trends. So for this look I took a black tee shirt I had in my room and distressed the heck out of this shirt. Shout out to the bleach, scissors, spray bottles and cutting board I used to make this beautiful nightmare. I didn't get the chance to record the making on this beauty, but there are tons of tutorials on YouTube. In order to complete this look I just paired it with a basic pair of black leggings and some black lace up boots. From which I purchased from a boutique in New Orleans called Shoenami! I absolutely look this look it's so easy to put together and fierce to wear! 

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