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Something for the fur babies

"Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway" ~Coco Chanel 

If you have clicked on this look you one happen to be a fabulous person and two have impeccable taste. For starters when you are trend setter you aren't given rules to follow, your give rules to break, and wearing white pants is one them. Many have been told not to wear white after labor day. Well all white happens to be one of my favorite looks, so I suppose that rule just does not apply to me. However, earth tones and furs are highly trending right now. Why not just wear a few high fashion trends all at once?

On that notes lets get into this look, so this beautiful knit gray lace down top was purchased at forever 21 for $13, these white pants are from HM and were $25, my faux fur sweater (which was a gift I absolutely adore) is from guess and it was $200, and my boots are from the one any only publicdesire.com and I paid $55 for those. See ladies and gentlemen it is possible to dress for less and still look like a million bucks! Tre chic wouldn't you agree? 

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