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Something for the office

"Dress like your already famous" ~Anonymous 

One trend that will always be in season, is a good suit; and I have seen one too many atypical suits that I wanted to throw up, and because of my disappointment I wanted to show the world how to switch it up! So I did my research, and had the vision that I wanted metallic, preferably nude and fitted suit. So I went to one of my favorite websites, that truly caters to all of my style cravings, which was Asos.com. Many are familiar, many are not. However, I scrolled and scrolled and found exactly what I envisioned! I did have to purchase the pants and blazer separately, and this website is a uk website so make sure you know your size conversion via usa to uk. My sizing for those who have my body type is a UK 10 in pants which, is a USA 6 and the blazer in a UK 10 which is a USA 6. I believe the pants were like $96 and the blazer was around the same price, so altogether l spent like $200 for this suit. When I received this suit it had a nice fit, but not fit enough, I need my clothing to fit perfectly especially when it comes to a good suit. So I took my suit to my tailor and she tailored  the heck out of my suit! This is the type of piece you can't wear all the time because it makes such a loud statement, but when I do, can we say TRE CHIC?


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