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Something for the denim lovers

"People will stare, make it worth their while" ~Harry Winston 


CALLING ALL DENIM LOVERS!!! Including myself for starters; did you know that when you wear denim on denim that your look is technically called a "Canadian tuxedo?" Who needs to attend a after five event just to wear a tuxedo? NOT I! With that being said, lets get into this look, many of you have requested the location of these pieces, so I am here to reveal the tea. I bought this denim skirt and shirt and.... drum roll please........at Asos.com!! One of my favorite websites of all time! Like I have stated before this is a uk website so be careful with your size conversations. I believe I got both of this pieces on sale, I believe the skirt was $30 and the shirt was $27. Skirt sizing in a UK 8 which is a USA 6; I got this skirt in a smaller size because it was high waisted and I have a small waist so I definitely wanted to embrace that. The sizing for the shirt is a uk 10 which is a USA 6. However, I messed up with order because I ordered the tall version of this shirt and not the petite version so it is kind of long. Which, is perfectly fine , because I usually will wear it as shirt dress when I have feeling festive. Now to my beautiful olive green over the knee boots. Ladies and gentlemen, I love these boots mainly because they are my favorite color. I purchased these boots from Publicdesire.com for $55. This website has all your statement boots and perplex heels.


Public desire.com

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