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"Orlando Stay Strong"

Hello my NMP followers, I said I was not going to post about the tragic events that has happened across the U.S this past week, but I couldn't resist. First, I want to say my heart goes out to all families and friends who are trying to piece together what happened and why. For my followers who are not aware  of what I am talking about, this past weekend there was a shooting in Orlando Florida at a club called Pulse. Pulse is a well known LGBT club, where many whether apart of the LGBT community or not go to have fun. Well, 50 people who went out for a night full of fun, never made it out of the club. A man, who claimed he was apart of a terrorist organization entered the packed club, and unloaded an automatic weapon killing 50, and wounding 40. The gunman took hostages, but ultimately lost his life, which was taken by Orlando PD who made the decision to open fire. This shooting is now the largest mass shooting in the history of the United States. 

Now, my emotions are all over the place with this situation...Im so angry because its such a senseless crime, but at the same time Im so hurt and sad as if it was my loved one in club Pulse that night. Im angry because I feel like the gun laws are completely out of hand, and something really needs to be done besides siting on tv debating about it. Im sad because 50 people didn't get to go home that night, and now 50 families have to plan funerals for their loved ones who they were either enjoying vacation with or just a good night out on the town. My question to you NMP followers is, How do you guys feel about the gun laws? Do you feel like things need to change about the gun laws? How do you feel about what happened in Orlando? Has it affected you in anyway?....comment below and tell me how you feel. If you need to update yourself more on the topic visit, www.cnn.com and it will be on the homepage. Again, NMP supports the LGBT community and our prayers are with them at this time. 

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